1coverWe are now taking subscriptions for the magazine. It is going to be bi-monthly, 6 issues a year.  We could go monthly but we have decided to go bi-monthly so that we can make each issue a quality magazine. Hopefully by this time next year we can expand to monthly. Subscriptions are $25


-email w/ a credit card

-call or text –  monday – friday 8am – 5pm  918-857-1969  w/ a credit card

-mail check or money order to Tuskers Magazine,  1800 N. Lewis Tulsa, Ok. 74110 along with the size shirt you would like.

9 thoughts on “SUBSCRIPTIONS

  1. I need a copy of the issue that just came out ! my son is in it and I didnt even know someone entered his photo…. His nickname is ppie. Please tell me how I can get it ! thank you

  2. can you please send me a subscription form and thankyou for your time william bolden 79 durrence road lot7 jesup ga 31545

  3. Lucas Seymour sent me your information about getting a magazine with the Gordon hog hunting tournament in it. If you could please get back with me on how to get one I would appreciate it.

  4. I have written a lil story about how hog hunting got started here. I didn’t know if you took stories from outside or not. Would you be interested in reading it and possibly publishing it?

  5. Well Ed I’ve put it in the slow mail already along with a subscription payment. When (if) it gets there take a look see if you can use it. If not just chunk it but I still want my subscription. Lol. Thanks

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