What we as hunters can do to curb anti hog dog laws

Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri state wildlife departments and legislators want to place the blame of wild hog populations and migration on the hog doggers. They continue to tie our hands and make rules and laws that make it harder for us to hog hunt with dogs. Each year brings new restrictions that alone are not the end of a culture but when compiled the end game is clear to see. Continue reading

We are starting a Hog Dog Forum


Click Here to visit the Board

Everyday I see post and discussions on FaceBook that in todays environment, really are not appropriate in public.  Our way of life is under attack and our sometimes outward discussion of issues that we face is only adding fuel to the fire that threatens to do us in. It is a fine line to walk between hiding and opening the doors to our culture wide open for anyone that cares to take a look. The correct approach is somewhere in the middle. So, we started a board where we can control who gets an invite into our a world a little more.  Hopefully yall will use this tool and we can provide information in a way that helps each of us.  We will also be allowing dog selling on the board.