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First, thanks for checking us out.

We had dogs out about a mile hunting, searching for that elusive Oklahoma hog, Tracy an I were laying on the ground alternating our gazes from the screens of our Garmins to the 2 A,M. stars. The silence was broken when Tracy says out of the blue, “We should start a hog doggin’ magazine.” I was silent for a while, thinking. “Yeah, we could. Lotta work.”  At that point I really wasn’t interested, It’s a monumental task, the kind that can easily chew its way into the spare time used for hunting, but he had put the idea in my head and it was rattling around like a .22 in a skull. A couple weeks later I called Tracy and said lets do it! So now we are doing it.

The way we look at Tuskers Magazine is that this magazine isn’t about us, or our egos, We want this to be a reflection of all the readers, a place where we as hog hunters can express ourselves, bounce ideas around, and do a little bragging when we snap a lead on a set of hobbles and find a high branch. All we are doing is collect and organizing the pictures, stories, and articles that are sent in. The content of TUSKERS is up to everyone that has and will submit.

We need your pictures, stories, wild hog recipies, bay pen results, up coming events, etc. When submitting pictures please include the names of people and dogs shown as well as your location.

We are also looking for long term column contributors.

Worming – From the June 2014 issue of Tuskers magazine

Worming dogs these days can be quite a task with all the options we have and all the advise all over the internet, some of it is good and some of it is just plain wrong. Now I aint a vet, and I don’t know it all, so take what I say as a broad reference and do your own research, and if you have a good country vet that will shoot straight with you and not just try to sell you overpriced meds with the same active ingredients as off label stuff you can pick up at a feed store, talk to your veterinarian. Continue reading


The August cover is open!  We will have a cover contest to pick the winner, so email your pictures, ALONG with a story to Ed@tuskersmagazine.com.  To be considered for the cover there MUST be a story to go with it.  Pictures need to be high resolution so they look good when printed.   We also ask that any pictures submitted not be placed on FaceBook or other social media.  We do check, and if we find the picture posted it will not be considered for the cover.    Thankscover