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Me and Tracy keep ourselves out of Tuskers magazine on purpose. It is a decision we made from the very beginning. Tuskers is not about us. We have had a lot of people asking us about how we got started over the last few years so I am going to make an exception here and give everyone a little of the history. Continue reading

Tuskers Video Magazine

We are going to start something new here at Tuskers. We recently got some camera equipment to start filming our hunts and share with everyone. Then we got to thinking… why not do it like the magazine where it’s not about us but about everyone! So we are going to start a sort of “video magazine” not really sure if that title fits, or what it will become but we are thinking about a group of videos that are very similar to what you would read about in Tuskers, but instead of reading… watching. Viewing will be free of course, this is just something that we want to try. We think it can be a tool for begining hog hunters and veterans alike. So we are inviting everyone to send us your videos of hunts, videos on dog health, videos on baying, or video rants. You can edit them, or we can help with the editing to make them slick. I have heard a lot of people complaining about hog hunting tv shows over the years, and we happen to agree with most of it. These shows are just mainstream entertainment, nothing more. We would like to have a collection of videos that is entertaining to hog dog hunters, minus all the drama. We will need to keep the gore to a minimum and the language clean, we will not be adding fuel to the left wing animal rights groups. AND we have some room in our schedule, so if you would like Tuskers to come and film YOUR hunt drop us a line and we will see if we can make it happen. ed@tuskersmagazine.com

Here’s a link to our first small, start.  Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and check back for new videos.


Tuskers is looking for column contributors for the magazine from ; Oklahoma. Texas. Arkansas. Missouri. Mississippi. Louisiana. Florida. Alabama. Georgia. North Carolina. South Carolina. One per state. You will need to commit to a full year (6 articles) In your article you can address hog hunting in your state. – How hog populations are going. How the hunting has been. Bay pen events that are coming up, how bays went, competition hunts, laws that are threatening your state etc. This will be a way for each state to get some space in the magazine and address your states issues. If you are serious and willing to put the effort in for your area shoot me an email. Ed @tuskersmagazine.com